Friday, March 19, 2010


Post-hardcore is all the rage lately. There is such a 80s/90s hardcore revival on the blogosphere right now it's quite surprising how little attention this band is getting. Native are four boys from Northwest Indiana in the grand USA. Recently signing to Big Scary Monsters here in the UK, they've just put out their new album 'Wrestling Moves', an aptly titled record for such frantic music.

Native play a style that so many bands have been trying to achieve, but haven't quite made yet. It's a beautifully crafted genetic hybrid of math rock, post-hardcore and post-punk that's totally danceable yet completely melodic at the same time. Take the opening track 'Backseat Crew' for example, a track that could draw resemblances to naughties cult heroes Bear vs. Shark with it's pitter-patter, pounding drumbeat - but also to recent twinkly indiemos This Town Needs Guns - the melodic (yet less complex) hook and slightly odd time signatures are all present and correct.

Similarities continue throughout the entire album - there's the anthemic Fugazi-esque 'Five Year Payoff' and it's incoherently layered, noisy gang vocals, the more 'poppy' and 'complete', 'typical first single' 'Ponyboy' as well was the slightly more experimental title track - 'Wrestling Moves' - a perfect stamp of why this band most likely caught BSM's eyes in the first place.

Do you like Wintermute? Native sound like they all just grew up a little bit, and that's not a bad thing. The synths are toned are relaxing, the vocals are more anxious and gritty and the hooks are entrancing - do you really need to know more?

MP3: Native - Ponyboy
BUY: Native - Wrestling Moves on Bandcamp


Sargent House said...
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Sargent House said...

Native are actually not on Big Scary Monsters their first EP was released by BSM in the UK only. They are signed to Sargent House and their album doesn't come out in Europe until late January 2010 other than digital, which was released earlier

Thanks for the review, we love native