Saturday, September 12, 2009

Southsea Fest 2009

You've probably read all about this on all the other blogs, but it just looks so good, I can't help but write about it. It's an all day, multi-venue festival taking place down Albert Road, Southsea (Portsmouth) on 19th September (next Saturday).

Essentially, there are two awesome stages. A couple of the other stages have a couple of good bands but really, the places to be are The One Eyed Dog for Meat Pie Promotions' stage and the Edge of the Wedge for Awesome Noise's stage. As you can on the flyer see above, Meat Pie's stage hosts Tubelord, Tellison, The Xcerts and loads of other great bands. There's also gonna be some Meat Pie Southsea fest fanzines available too, all with free CD. Edge of the Wedge's stage hosts Blakfish, This Town Needs Guns, The Tupolev Ghost and a load of other good bands. Edge of the Wedge's stage apparently finishes a couple of hours before Meat Pie's stage, so hopefully yr favourite headliners won't be clashing.

There are hundreds of other bands playing, so it's definitely worth the tiny entry fee, which you exchange for a wristband which gains you entry to all the venues.

Tickets cost £8 for child and £12 for adult if you buy them before, get them here. Or you can get them on the door for £15.

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