Sunday, January 3, 2010


Never before now have strings - including violins and other pretty things - sounded so awesome with such explosive riffs. Sound rad? This is exactly what you'll find in the intro to the fist-throwing, "my-Charizard-is-better-than-your-Charizard"-esque He-Man revival 'Commiserations Buff Orpington' by Hereford's finest instrumental sextet Talons. Combining the most modern of post-rock with the freshest of post-hardcore and the subtle-yet-'hey, there's parsley in my salad' hints of math, they certainly do deliver competition to the constantly growing contemporary instrumental scene. It's currently completely unavoidable, with the likes of Brontide, Mutiny on the Bounty, and the technically-driven This Town Needs Guns taking over the UK like some sort of swine-flu saviours.

Now, I've never even been into that much instrumental stuff - but "The Pearl", Talon's debut 7" single on Big Scary Monsters, is pretty much the musical equivalent of watching all 3 Pirates of the Caribbean films in the span of 4 minutes and 22 seconds, and this feels good to me. It's a clifftopingly epic, fractured adventure, and a trip aboard the HMS Talons is one you definitely shouldn't miss out on. GO TALONS!

MP3: Talons - Commiserations Buff Orpington
BUY: Talons - The Pearl 7"

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