Saturday, August 1, 2009


It's time to get rad and it doesn't get much radder than Chicago's Lautrec. Musically, they can be compared to Native - glistening 90s emo-esque guitars, however the drums and vox are where the hardcore side of Lautrec shines through. The lyrics are shouted and screamed in an almost sloppy style over the disjointed yet complex guitar lines and thrashing drums which move from delicate feathering to intense drum-rolls through instant rhythm changes. In the two years they have been around, they've put out split releases with Ghost Towns, Native, Mans. and Lion of the North; pretty much every cool band in the neighbourhood.

I think the best way to describe Lautrec's music would be well organised chaos, constrained but agitated, trimmed into easily consumable 3 minute tunes.
So put them on repeat and as said before, get rad.

MP3: Lautrec - Pushin' For The Cushion
BUY: Pre-order Lautrec - s/t 7" from Communique Records


westie said...

man that bass player looks nerdy, nice song though

Ed said...

looks more scary than nerdy. she looks better in other pics. yea it's a girl