Sunday, May 2, 2010

Black Nerd

The employees at the Weymouth branch of Cash Converters must recognise the three members of Black Nerd each time they come in to check out the latest second hand pedals; the amount of distorted noises flying around in the background of their tracks make it hard to believe it's only coming from two bass guitars and a synth.

It seems like every other band these days is a noisepop band; it's refreshing to hear a band that have taken inspiration from those same bands like Sonic Youth and The Jesus and Mary Chain that inspired these noisepop bands but experimented by moving it in a different direction, citing bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Deerhunter, and Joy Division as main and more obvious influences.

The shoegazing trio have really picked a tricky genre to experiment in; Weymouth is mostly known for it's pop-punk and rubbish electro bands, however if they carry on how they are going at the moment then they could have every man and his crab staring at their shoes.

MP3: Black Nerd - Why We Got The Sack From The Museum


westie said...

you forgot about the demos being recorded in a shed

Ed said...

they sound good in the shed though, stay in the shed