Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cult Ritual

I won't lie to you German indie kids out there, I like hardcore. Brutal fucking hardcore that makes children bleed from the ears like Clement from Torchwood did. Yes, you really just did read a sentence with the words 'hardcore' and 'Torchwood' in it. I'm not ashamed.

Cult Ritual are eponymously, according to the divine blog stratosphere, "Musically compared to Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov, the first man to die in outer space." I'd say this was a fraction of the real truth. Personally, I'd describe them as the musical equivalent of harvesting a Little Sister whilst shitting razorblades and gouging your eyes out with a sieve that contains a pinch of 'emotional bullshit'.

But that's exactly the kind of music I like to hear on hot, sweaty summer nights where you don't give a shit about what time you're in because you don't even know what day it is tomorrow, and Cult Ritual soundtrack those nights perfectly. Get yourself some khaki camo shorts, a navy blue hoody and sit outside at half 10 in a deckchair listening to this on your Poundland earbuds - summer will have a whole new meaning after hearing 'Horror Sale'.

Definitely recommended if you like: losing your sanity due to the humidity.

MP3: Cult Ritual - Horror Sale

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