Thursday, July 30, 2009

Betty Pariso

Hardcore. Does that even mean anything these days? With hundreds of “Hardcore” bands popping up all over the place everyday I have found myself steering clear of trying to find new bands within the Hardcore genre and just sticking to stuff I already know. There's just one band that have recently caught my eye - Betty Pariso. Blending thundering guitars, blisteringly precise drums and fresh vocals they create a ridiculously heavy Botch/Converge style hardcore which gets you thinking and wanting to burn your house down all in one. The band is made up of a few faces you may recognise from past bands including Cutting Pink With Knives, The Defeat, Seducedwomandead, Heroics and Wild Stallions so you know it's going to be awesome.

They recorded three songs with Nick Kinnish down at Serafina Studios in Eastbourne which they plan to release on a split with Manuscripts available digitally and on 7”. If these original recordings are anything to go by Betty Pariso are destined to at least a well respected place within the hardcore scene if not so much more. They already have the gigs rolling in, so go here to check out their listed gigs and more of their tracks.

MP3: Betty Pariso - I'm Standing Here, You Make The Move


steve said...

first myspace link isnt working guys

Matt said...

corrected :)