Tuesday, June 2, 2009


#1 Shield Your Eyes album for cheap

Everyone loves Colour and Shoes and Socks Off, but not that many people know of the other musical project that was born after MMISL split; Shield Your Eyes. It consists of Toby Hayes (previously provided vocals in MMISL), Eddy Grimes and Stef Ketteringham. I'm really not capable of describing them so I'll steal this from Last.fm - "indescribable punky post-hardcore loud noisy beasty guitar riffs in melodic lo-fi beautiful ways with grinding time changes". Anyway, They're selling their album cheap. I didn't even know SYE had an album so it was a nice suprise when I heard that they are selling the album cheaper in order to get rid of it for when they get their new album in. Get it off their Myspace on CD (£5) or vinyl (£6), or preferably both.

MP3: Shield Your Eyes - Come On Melissa Are You A Kisser

#2 Music Sounds Better With Huw
Everyone knows that Huw Stephens is the guy for new music. The people at Witchita seem to know this more than anyone, as they have got him to put together a new compilation, entitled Music Sounds Better With Huw. As if the title isn't reason enough to purchase it from iTunes, it also plays host to bands like Tubelord, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Pulled Apart By Horses, Calories and Gentle Friendly. Protip: The Tubelord track is new! "Somewhere Out There A Dog Is On Fire" is classic Tubelord, and (probably) an album track from their d├ębut album about which we know very little. However, we may know more in a few weeks because me and my fellow blogger Tom will be interviewing Tubelord at their Portsmouth tour date! Will be fun.

#3 run,WALK!/Battle For Paris tour
Just a quick one. Winchester mathy noisepop duo run,WALK! are touring with post-hardcore dudes Battle For Paris in July. They haven't got all the dates sorted yet so if yr a promoter, put them on, and if you are not a promoter then go to see them.

#4 Dublin Duck Dispensary & Andy's Airport Of Love

Irish noisepopper Dublin Duck Dispensary is giving his newest EP "Yykes Basket" away for free via Rack & Ruin Records. Get it here.

There's a few more free releases there, including a tape by Andy's Airport of Love. I downloaded "Actually, I am Sasha Fierce" on the off chance that I might like it based on a statement that said they sounded like a poppier version of Blank Dogs. I checked it out and I was pleasantly suprised. They have that distinct pop through a lo-fi filter sound but with a little extra charm, a bit of shoegazing in their blood. Plus the introduction to the tape is real odd. Go get it for free here.

MP3: Andy's Airport of Love - Duquesne Incline

#5 Alcopopular 3 released in bottle format
In an attempt to create a resurgence in people buying music physically again, Alcopop have created something brilliant. "Basically, it’s a cute glass bottle, all branded Alcopopular, within which resides ye olde treasure map (hand ‘tea-bagged’ er..., scrumpled and oven baked) with links to your audio booty". It costs £5 and was released yesterday. The compilation contains bands like Pulled Apart By Horses and Tellison, as well as a host of other bands from the Alcopop roster. Buy it here.

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