Monday, June 8, 2009


Anyone already familiar with Winchester duo run,WALK! will know that their earlier recordings had failed somewhat at doing their live performances justice. The band's new recordings are definitely a step up. They recorded their tracks "Time Is Catching Up With Me" and "3, 5, 10" with Jamie Field (who has recorded with Colour and Tubelord previously) and Alan Welsh (Guitar/vox in Colour) last December, initially intending to release them both on 7", however they now have something much more exciting planned for them.

These tracks show run,WALK!'s true potential. In just two songs, using only a drumkit and bass, they show signs of experimenting with different styles; the drums at the start of "Time Is Catching Up With Me" have an almost jazzy feel to them. They then burst into mathrock induced offbeat signature changes, whereas in "3, 5, 10" they show the same styles previously mentioned, but this time squeezing in some noise with an epic ending of yelping vocals and some immense pedal use.

MP3: run,WALK! - Time Is Catching Up With Me


David - Separated By Motorways said...

"owever they now have something much more exciting planned for them."

what's more exciting than releasing a 7"?

Lizzy said...

i love this track

nathan said...

cheers for the bro'tide tracks man
ooooh nice run,WALK write-up, you planning to go to any of the tour gigs?

nathan said...

yeah i'm going to the railway one and the one in andover as it's where i live, but i doubt thats closer to you to be honest,
i'm going to both because theres different support bands and well i bum run,walk anyway so yeah