Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Wonderswan. Pretty odd name. Kinda like a kids cartoon super-hero. I could make some joke about them where they are the superhero and music is the victim they are saving or whatever, SO I WILL. Wonderswan are the savour of music. But srsly, they are like a big, warm, fuzzy teddy bear. That teddy bear could be interpretted as a metaphor for their sound too; they have the fuzzy warmness of noisepop bands Lovvers and No Age, especially in their demo "Cut It". However, their sound can best be described as lo-fi slacker pop from Leeds, not California.

Their track "Hey Nature" was released via Dance To The Radio on the first part of their new 4x12" series along with Pulled Apart By Horses, Broadcast Society and Bear Hands, which was how I found out about Wonderswan. You should buy the vinyl cos it's radical. Check out the tune below.

MP3: Wonderswan - Hey Nature
Buy: DTTR 4x12" #1

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