Friday, May 22, 2009


Okay so it hasn't been very "weekly", maybe it's bi-weekly. But it's that time of the week/bi-week again.

1# - Situationists split up.
This happened a few weeks ago but I've only just found out and you probably didn't know either, but Sheffield lovelies Situationists have broken up! I got sent their EP but never got round to writing about it. But it was full of quality tunes. They recorded a cover of Digital Love by Daft Punk, they made a version of the song that I'd actually listen to. Ouch. But yeah they split up now which is a shame but here's the cover.

Mediafire: Situationists - Digital Love

#2 - The Muscle Club have a sale.
Cardiff gang The Muscle Club have got some shirts and vinyl on their Bigcartel, it's a bit cheaper. I bought a vinyl. You should too, but do it quickly because I don't think they have many left. I know this isn't really news but cheap vinyl is always good.

MP3: The Muscle Club - Damn These Circumstances

#3 - Rapturefest 3 announce new bands.
Rapture Promotions have just announced 4 more additions to their already epic line-up for Rapturefest 3. It now features Talons, Blakfish, The Tupolev Ghost and Mutiny On The Bounty, alongside already the announced This Town Needs Guns, Mimas, itch, Pennines, Youves, Brontide, Instruments (Make Music), The Great Eskimo Hoax and Venice Ahoy. Wow. It takes place at The Face Bar in Reading on 15th August. More info on their Myspace and the event.

#4 - Dark Mean give away free EP.

Canadian 3-piece Dark Mean remind me of Tokyo Police Club, because of the bursts of synth and definitely the vocals, cos their both Canadian. I'm told they sound like The Postal Service too. It's got lots of folky bits too, a bit different to the normal stuff we post (basically just math and noise), but this EP is pretty good, and free. Head over to their website and get it.

MP3: Dark Mean - frankencottage

Wish I could find more news.


Nathan said...

ouch man i just checked again and the men one has gone.....i think i might've got the last one.....sorry

Nathan said...

tracks coming to you in an email right now man

nathan said...

dude - brontide live on BBC radio lincolnshire listen from like 39 mins in