Sunday, May 24, 2009

Snakeosaurus Rex

Steve reporting in. Today I'm writing a review of a band with a radical name: Snakeosaurus Rex.

On top of having a pretty cool name they also have some pretty crunchy tunes. Their new LP "Rhino" feels well thought out, and although not leaving you on the edge of your seat it's a solid 9 songs. The main influence for this album's sound isn't subtle; the whole album has an early Minus the Bear feel about them (a good thing as the early MtB work is their best). However they also incorporate elements of bands like American Football and The Appleseed Cast.

As you would expect their songs are basically made up of two angular guitar lines, stopping and starting then eventually layering to create catchy and emotion filled choruses. The singing is also not very disimilar to MtB's Jake Snider but with somewhat more edge (seen in song "Paved with Gold Pt. 2"); nearly harmonious, emotion filled with stretched syllables. All this equates to create a strangely chilled out sound.

They do show some good variety throughout the album, tracks like "Snake Killer" being more upbeat, contrasted by the more soft and deep tones of "Vodka". Those who struggle to listen to MtB may find this album difficult to swallow, but I'd definitely recomend giving it a try anyway as its an impressive first album.

MP3: Snakeosaurus Rex - Fireload

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