Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Getting lots of stuff out of the way in one post. I might start doing a weekly post of generally awesome news. Call it WEEKLY AWESOME. So this is/(might be) part one.

Brontide's digital EP is available for free if you buy a Brontide shirt here (girls only, lolwat) or on iTunes apparently, I can't check because I don't use iTunes. /// I have now been informed that it is not on iTunes, yet. Some girl(s), buy a shirt and send me the songs.


2. Rats
3. noheadnohands

If anyone gets their hands on it please send it my way! Thx.

I got bored the other night so I deicided to finally list all my records on Took a while but it was worth it. What's the point in having a record collection if you can't show it off via the internet? CLICK.

BSM are releasing a new unsigned compilation soon called To Let. It has an epic tracklisting, check it;

1. Scholars - Recovery Monday
2. Talons - Comiserations Buff Orpington
3. Crowns On The Rats Orchestra - Op.7: For Dead Poets, For Saints
4. Heathers - Margie
5. Gossamer Albatross - Little Bird
6. Hair Traffic Control - The Hobo Gauntlet
7. Tall Ships - Words Are Pegs Upon Which We Hang Ideas
8. LaFaro - Tupenny Nudger
9. TheJamesCleaverQuintet - The Shame
10. Worrier - Wind The Sails
11. Meadowlands - The Swirl Of The Milk
12. Chrik - Marmight

Looks awesome right? Scholars, Talons, Crowns On The Rats Orchestra, Tall Ships, TheJamesCleaverQuintet, Meadowlands, lots of goodness. You can buy the CD here for £4.

MP3: Scholars - Recovery Monday

Everyone's favourite band Tubelord have announced a load of new tour dates in the run up to the release of their album "Our First American Friends". Go here to see the dates (although to most of the people reading this, the dates will be useless due to them being German indiekids, love you guize <3).


Blakfish and Colour have put put some tour dates in June too, probably as a pre-album tour for Blakfish's album "Champions", out on Hassle records. I am looking forward to the album ever so much. I think you will too once you hear a track from it.

MP3: Blakfish - Economics

Around this point I realised that so far it has basically revolved around BSM related bands so here's a few MP3s from bands who have emailed me which are sounding pretty good and don't have anything to do with BSM.

Here's the lead track from London-based band William's new mini-album "Slightly Delighted", the follow-up to their debut album last year, which is released 18th May on Tough Love Records. Buy here. Check out the rest of the stuff on Tough Love's bigcartel, some good stuff there, at good prices. Treating myself to a copy of Mirror! Mirror! - Wolfgang Bang/Silicone Eyes 7". Will be writing about M! M!'s new band Youves soon.

MP3: William - Youngun

The Para-Medics
There's so many mathpop bands nowadays, it's hard to keep your head above the water. Every now and then you need a bit of variety when it comes to your math. Check out The Para-Medics, they make long instrumental progressive mathrock tunes. Less angry and in your face than Brontide but still nice. I don't know how you can buy the EP so you'll have to make do with this and listening to the others on Myspace.

MP3: The Para-Medics - Burkina Faso

Rolo Tomassi, Pulled Apart By Horses and Grammatics are on tour together. I'm seeing them on friday. Here's a lulzy tour video.

Northern Alliance Tour - Part 1 from Pulled Apart by Videos on Vimeo.

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Oh dear, now I feel compelled to go list everything I own on recordnerd instead of revising for my exams. If I fail my degree, you will be partially responsible.

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