Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hai i'm ryon and i liek music.

Unlikely places to find a British Break-thru Hardcore labels would have to include south Dorset, however it is home to We Heart Records. A recent addition to the label is Dorchester based band Markovsky, who I had the pleasure of seeing earlier this week supporting fellow south west hardcore band Crocus. The band being made up from members of Andtheywillriot!, Mildred Pierce, Serena Joy, Mia Hope and Wild Stallions, I had a certain idea of what to expect. Markovsky's music is in your face, face melting hardcore, coming from the same vein as Crocus themselves, as someone said to me during the gig, "Matt (vocals and guitar) is brutal" and yeah he is. Listen to the mp3 and then check the Myspace to see when the EP details will be released.

MP3: Markovsky - Untitled

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