Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friendship: Update

You know when you find a band and you follow them for a while and all of a sudden everyone's talking about them? That's what's happened with me and calypso noise-poppers Friendship. I found them randomly on Myspace last October and wrote about them here, and since then they've had good write ups in Artrocker and NME, as well as being played by Nick Grimshaw on Radio One. All this, because their song "The Graveyard Shift" is being released via the Too Pure Singles Club, a yearly subscription in which you are sent one 7" a month, Friendship being the April release. However, if you don't fancy subscribing for the whole year (and you probably don't), the heavyweight coloured 7" (with free CD of both tracks) is available via Banquet Records and Rough Trade too. Pre-order it for it's release on 20th April, and check out the video for The Graveyard Shift below.


nathan said...

Aha that's ok, don't worry about it man, as long as our readers are exposed to the awesomeness of Friendship i don't care.

Jon Hillcock said...

I played them on my Xfm show in October as a result from finding them on your blog! (and credited and linked directly to you, of course!)

Keep up the truly stellar work


Jon Hillcock said...

...or even...

" a result OF finding them on your blog..."