Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fashoda Crisis

I love mclusky. 'The Difference Between Me And You Is That I'm Not On Fire' is one of my favourite albums of all time; there's just something about Andy Falkous' voice and lyrics combined with that raw, loud, thrashy guitar sound they had perfected that was incredibly addicting. They definitely had a unique kick about them, and ever since their disbandment in 2005 I have yet to find another bad who even come close in terms of style (yes, I know about FOTL...). Until now.

For some reason, in 1898 the UK and France were having a half-assed sort of stand-off in Eastern Africa, and the whole thing came to be known as the Fashoda Incident. Drawing their name from these military matters albeit rather randomly; Fashoda Crisis are a beltering 3-piece from Southend who claim they formed as a violent reaction 'to the haircut bands and scenesters cluttering up what would otherwise be a thriving music scene'. A violent reaction they certainly are.

They claim they've been described as a cross between Fugazi and Queens of the Stone Age, however I tend to disagree - although evidence of Fugazi through the more (somewhat) organized melodies, the heart of this band is clearly mclusky driven - abstractly clever lyrics and rhythms to have seizures to.

So yeah, you could pass them off as a mclusky tribute band, but give them a chance - 'Fidel', the bands definite superlative, incorporates soft backing vocals and a catchy hook in a way that makes them much more appealing to a mainstream hardcore audience, whilst people looking for a Fugazi revival can find it in 'If Charlie Simpson Ruled The World' - incredibly diverse vocals with the raw, progressive riff you'd find in 'Waiting Room'. There's something for everyone.

You can buy the album 'Mischief Of One Kind And Another' from iTunes, or check out 'Fidel' here:

MP3: Fashoda Crisis - Fidel


Not Alex said...

Love Mclusky and liking this band also. Agree their sound/tone and lyrics seem to have slightly more in common with Mclusky than Fugazi. Less amateur dramatic arts epic and more about attack and urgency for most part. Think they have someway to go yet if nailing the Mclusky sound is there ultimate goal. Which being fair if it is would be a bit hypocritical since Mclusky if anything have always seemed to me to be about personal madness and the struggle to maintain individuality.

Perosnally really like FOTL. Think increase in synth usage is a logical progression. 'Plague of Onces' still blows me away whenever I listen to it and I think it holds up well agianst any Mclusky tune.

Don't know whether you've written about them before but If you are looking for another decent Mcluskyish fix then self confessed Mcluskyites from Birmingham 'Untitled Musical Project' are worth checking out.

Personally really like their tune 'Why Isn't Paul McCartney Dead Already?' ;) Check it out at:

Not Alex said...

Just noticed you have indeed written about 'Untitled Muiscial Project' already! -Sorry 'bout that!

Sim Fashoda said...

Hey Not Alex, thanks for the comments. Just to clear things up though, definitely not trying to emulate the sound of Mclusky (I have my own personal mentals that need to be purged). I also think Future Of The Left are a far superior band to Mclusky (Falcous joy at being part of something he really wants to be doing shines through) All the best. Sim Fashoda.