Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Leeds is the place to be. It's thriving music scene is throwing fantastic bands like Pulled Apart By Horses, Dinosaur Pile Up, Grammatics, That Fucking Tank and Wonderswan at us, and we are taking them in like they are bearers of the next son of God (inb4 religiousfag). The latest band to check into Awesome Hotel is Castrovalva, a two piece instrumental noise rock duo, hailing from... yeah, you guessed it, Leeds!

Anthony Wright's ballbusting bass riffs and Daniel Brader's harsh drumming run throughout their debut self-titled mini-album, 8 tracks of pure awesomeness. Obvious stand out tracks include Bison Scissor Kick and My Father Bleeds History, both hard hitting noisy punches to the face, as well as album closer Triceratops, which verges on psychedelic, so check it out at the bottom. This band could very well be the UK's answer to Lightning Bolt or DFA1979, I love them. You can pre-order the mini-album via Brew Records for the tidy sum of £5, which includes artwork designed by Kraffhics, delivered to your door for 4th May. Well worth it.

MP3: Castrovalva - Triceratops
Buy: Castrovalva mini-album for £5 from their Myspace

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