Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Bear: Update

Remember the lovely A Bear? Well, they have sent me their lovely new EP and in return I've typed out some lovely words to express my opinions concerning it, lovely. "Some Of Our Friends Are Animals" is not your usual highly polished, label run, executive produced affair. It's a diamond in the rough. The songs sound like sing along rock anthems in the same vein as Tubelord but perhaps with less of the upbeat pop temperament where instead the post-hardcore influences like Reuben shine through. Soft vocals beside shouting, screaming over well crafted riffs, near epic breakdowns and sharp changes of pace - the songs are agitative yet casually unconstrained. This EP is a sure sign of good things to come. It's avalaible at their gigs, limited to 100 copies and has 4 different covers. Go fetch.

MP3: A Bear - The Two That Didn't Make It
Buy: A Bear Shirt!

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