Monday, February 16, 2009

The Game Needed Me

Not many outfits can master the craft of creating near perfect emotion filled songs without playing a single gig or even having a definite line-up. However; The Game Needed Me seem to take these things in their stride. TGNM is a collaborative studio project consisting Cheltenham’s finest musicians, producers and promoters (Tim Rowing-Parker, Joe Summers, Jim Lockey, Geoff Cox & Rob Kimber). It is hard to put TGNM into a single genre, elements of maths rock (particularly in their song Nothing True) accompanying quirky vocals, piano and riffs that are verging on twee (see their song The Tooth Diaries) with the more upbeat Squares sounding like a more edgy slice of math pop. TGNM clearly have bountiful talent; their songs are beautifully well-thought-out. At times Jim and Joe’s vocals almost clash, yet the songs are all completely cohesive. Their EP will be released on February 23rd, and is currently streamable online.

From what I’ve heard, it's clear Arcade Fire and Minus The Bear are major overarching influences (The Game Needed Me being a Minus the Bear song), with other songs having scatterings of other influences to make them each unique. In summary, well structure out and tuneful snippets of math-twee goodness. Can you ask for more?

MP3: The Game Needed Me - Squares

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