Tuesday, January 27, 2009


PENS. What can I say about PENS? I use one every day and I don't really have any feelings or emotions for them. That was, until, I discovered a band who share the name of said writing instrument device: PENS. Now what do I think of PENS? They're fucking awesome. Period.

Consisting of 3 girls; Melia, Helen and Steff, PENS must be the first all-girl lo-fi noise power pop band I've ever heard, and I like what I hear. Instead of the usual, hipster-garabe-esque sound bands and guys such as Wavves and No Age tend to stick to, PENS create actual catchy, poppy, danceable noise that is actually semi-understandable and fun to listen to. Plus, they'll take you to bagel town, which is always a bonus. I like bagels.

PENS are currently on tour with Friendship and Wavves in the UK and recording their as yet untitled debut LP to be released this year.

MP3: PENS - Freddie
Purchase: PENS / Male Bonding - split 7"


Not Ares said...

negative kudos.
fail at trying to sound too cool.

tommw said...


David - Separated By Motorways said...

was going to do a post about these very soong!

CLARE_BEAR said...

Cool Sound (:

Anonymous said...

the link for the freddies song does not work. pleaseeeee... repair
thanks a lot!!

Ed said...

link works fine

Anonymous said...

i can´t download.
is necesary to have a fileden premium acount to download it??
the link takes me to anywhere, even fileden...
could you upload it to another site?
real thanks

enjoy music!:P