Saturday, January 24, 2009


Manacle are an instrumental mathrock three-piece who come straight outta Reno, Nevada in the US. It's pretty addictive, it's going straight on my MP3 player. As if being very catchy wasn't enough for you, they are signed to a label called Humaniterrorist. Who wouldn't buy something released by that label? Speaking of releases, their Paper Hands EP is available on a clear 7" vinyl with 3 tracks on it available, complete with a 5 track CD. The whole thing is limited to 200 copies with handmade packaging, you can buy it from their Myspace for $6.99 (probably around £5), not sure if they post worldwide though. I dunno why I've gone on about it so much, it just looks pretty tasty. You can download a few of the songs from the EP on their here as well as some others on their Myspace.

MP3: Manacle - Heavenly Compressor

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