Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is my first post of 2009, once again I've gone for about a month without posting. Sorry. To start off the new year...

INFLUENCE. are a young 2-piece from Brighton who make kinda lo-fi experimental pop songs, it's really relaxing to listen to. They (Jamie and Jo) have been compared to a lo-fi Radiohead, Interpol and Low, which I think is fair, but some songs have a noisey kinda feel to it, maybe inspired by No Age, who are in their influences section on Myspace. Apparently they already have 6 albums, but their newest one; the self released Second Rate Scene is their most serious attempt at recording. You can read about it on their Myspace blog here. Below is an MP3 link for you to check them out.

Zshare: INFLUENCE. - Didn't Happen

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