Tuesday, January 27, 2009


PENS. What can I say about PENS? I use one every day and I don't really have any feelings or emotions for them. That was, until, I discovered a band who share the name of said writing instrument device: PENS. Now what do I think of PENS? They're fucking awesome. Period.

Consisting of 3 girls; Melia, Helen and Steff, PENS must be the first all-girl lo-fi noise power pop band I've ever heard, and I like what I hear. Instead of the usual, hipster-garabe-esque sound bands and guys such as Wavves and No Age tend to stick to, PENS create actual catchy, poppy, danceable noise that is actually semi-understandable and fun to listen to. Plus, they'll take you to bagel town, which is always a bonus. I like bagels.

PENS are currently on tour with Friendship and Wavves in the UK and recording their as yet untitled debut LP to be released this year.

MP3: PENS - Freddie
Purchase: PENS / Male Bonding - split 7"

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Manacle are an instrumental mathrock three-piece who come straight outta Reno, Nevada in the US. It's pretty addictive, it's going straight on my MP3 player. As if being very catchy wasn't enough for you, they are signed to a label called Humaniterrorist. Who wouldn't buy something released by that label? Speaking of releases, their Paper Hands EP is available on a clear 7" vinyl with 3 tracks on it available, complete with a 5 track CD. The whole thing is limited to 200 copies with handmade packaging, you can buy it from their Myspace for $6.99 (probably around £5), not sure if they post worldwide though. I dunno why I've gone on about it so much, it just looks pretty tasty. You can download a few of the songs from the EP on their Last.fm here as well as some others on their Myspace.

MP3: Manacle - Heavenly Compressor

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hello there. I am Tom W, and I will be your blogger for today, and quite often from now on, as I'm now the latest Not Ed's Blog redcoat. Nice to meet you, to meet you nice.

Get tropical. That’s what the wonderful Tumblr of London/Brighton punk rock revivalists Tropics are urging you all to do, and they have my fully-fledged support in this matter. What are you waiting for? Obviously heavily influenced by the likes of Fugazi and Les Savy Fav, Tropics do more than just play your standard fast-paced melodic punk rock. ‘Future Gets Tense’, their side of a split single with hardcore enthusiasts These Arms Are Snakes, brings their own brand of sugar to indie’s cup of tea, with witty lyrics and a catchy riff to boot, making it the best cup of tea so far in 2009, and also making Tropics a strong contender alongside the usual suspects in this year’s tips. Difference is, this stuff is F-R-E-S-H, guys. Go check it.

MP3: TROPICS - Future Gets Tense
BUY: Tropics/These Arms Are Snakes Split 7"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is my first post of 2009, once again I've gone for about a month without posting. Sorry. To start off the new year...

INFLUENCE. are a young 2-piece from Brighton who make kinda lo-fi experimental pop songs, it's really relaxing to listen to. They (Jamie and Jo) have been compared to a lo-fi Radiohead, Interpol and Low, which I think is fair, but some songs have a noisey kinda feel to it, maybe inspired by No Age, who are in their influences section on Myspace. Apparently they already have 6 albums, but their newest one; the self released Second Rate Scene is their most serious attempt at recording. You can read about it on their Myspace blog here. Below is an MP3 link for you to check them out.

Zshare: INFLUENCE. - Didn't Happen