Saturday, October 25, 2008

Minotaur Explode/Pulled Apart By Horses

I havn't done many posts in the past two months, I'm gonna try and do more from now on. This post's theme will be: music to get angry about having your phone stolen to. First up, Minotaur Explode. They are a 4-piece band from Dorset who formed in January 2007. I should probably compare them to Blakfish and At The Drive-In, but instead I'm gonna say they make me want to kick small children over fences. They're literally that awesome. They have a 3 track demo CD called "This Band Could Ruin Your Life", and it's pretty goddamn good for a demo CD. Here's an MP3 from it. Take it take it take it (only take it once).

MP3: Minotaur Explode - We Wear Invisible Masks

Keeping up the awesome levels are Pulled Apart By Horses. They're an alternative "spazzcore" band from Leeds, and sound like they've gone insane; which sounds fucking cool. I wouldn't call it music to kick small children to; it's more like music to throw paint at a wall in your underpants to. They have a new single out on Big Scary Monsters next week called Meat Balloon. Apparently it comes with a free comic and a CD. What else could you ask for? Buy it here. Go on, I dare you.

MP3: Pulled Apart By Horses - I Punched A Lion In The Throat

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