Sunday, October 26, 2008


Friendship are Daniel Hills and William deWitt. They are a London based band who make a hell of a lot of noise considering there's only two members. Their music has aspects of noise rock, but also contains delicate riffs, giving them a slight math-pop sound. It's like Times New Viking meets Hot Club de Paris. I suppose you could compare them to Death From Above 1979 a bit too. Plus, they have the greatest facial hair since Brad Pitt looked like this. Take this MP3, use it wisely.

MP3: Friendship - The Graveyard Shift

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Minotaur Explode/Pulled Apart By Horses

I havn't done many posts in the past two months, I'm gonna try and do more from now on. This post's theme will be: music to get angry about having your phone stolen to. First up, Minotaur Explode. They are a 4-piece band from Dorset who formed in January 2007. I should probably compare them to Blakfish and At The Drive-In, but instead I'm gonna say they make me want to kick small children over fences. They're literally that awesome. They have a 3 track demo CD called "This Band Could Ruin Your Life", and it's pretty goddamn good for a demo CD. Here's an MP3 from it. Take it take it take it (only take it once).

MP3: Minotaur Explode - We Wear Invisible Masks

Keeping up the awesome levels are Pulled Apart By Horses. They're an alternative "spazzcore" band from Leeds, and sound like they've gone insane; which sounds fucking cool. I wouldn't call it music to kick small children to; it's more like music to throw paint at a wall in your underpants to. They have a new single out on Big Scary Monsters next week called Meat Balloon. Apparently it comes with a free comic and a CD. What else could you ask for? Buy it here. Go on, I dare you.

MP3: Pulled Apart By Horses - I Punched A Lion In The Throat

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Popular Workshop

I've been a fan of Popular Workshop ever since I heard them on one of Artrocker's awesome compilations. I think they've been on a few of them actually. There was something really edgy and catchy about them. They released their album "We're Alive and We're Not Alone" today (I think). It's all good angry quirky indie. They've been the victims of a lot of harsh comparisons, the worst of which being Sc**t**g f** G***s, although they seem to be able to see the funny side of it. I'll be ordering a copy of their album as soon as my EMA payments kick in.

MP3: Popular Workshop - X-Ray Confidential