Saturday, August 9, 2008

We can speak at slower speeds

I want to do more reviews so that this looks like a good blog that reviews real things, instead of random shit. However, I'd only feel able to review something if I'd actually bought it. I don't know why, maybe it's my subconscious making me not review things because it knows that the reviews will be crud. But I'll show him. Also, I only really want to review new releases, which makes things harder. I did a review of The Long Blondes new album and it was just a track by track guide really and it was pretty crap. And I haven't listened to the album since! Bad start to my reviewing. So, here's my attempt at something which will hopefully look like a review.

Late Of The Pier - Heartbeat

With their album release date is days away now, this week Late Of The Pier released their album teaser single Heartbeat on Parlophone Records. When I first heard LOTP's Zarcorp demos, I wasn't sure about it. The songs sounded good, but due to the fact they were demos and therefore the production wasn't brilliant, I struggled to listen to them. I gained a little more interest in them after seeing them live, and even more when I heard their first big single Focker/Space And The Woods. Now they're one of my current favourites. The new and improved version of Heartbeat has been put through the Erol Alkan filter and now sounds incredible, so much more energetic and buzzing. Some might say over-produced, but those people can suck my cock. The itsy bitsy little riff in the intro of the demo has been crapped and replaced with a keyboard piece that sounds like pure rainbows, so good. I say rainbows, like all nice and lovely like wow! the short interlude half-way through the song has an Interpol - Roland kind of feel to it. The single comes armed with the b-side Very WAV (a revamped version of the demo Very Wav Wet Wipes and a variety of remixes. Personally I would have preferred a new song instead of one of the remixes, but I suppose the remixes all suit their 12" release tradition. You can buy Heartbeat on CD, 7" and 12" here. You should buy it, even it's just to stare at that artwork for hours upon end.

MP3: Late Of The Pier - Heartbeat

Bombay Bicycle Club - Evening/Morning

I haven't bought this yet, I'm struggling to find it anywhere that won't cost me a total of £5 including postage. But I will get it somehow. I was first recommended Bombay Bicycle Club by a good friend about 6 months ago, so I listened to them and thought they were a bit meh, if you know what I mean. Then I heard the new single Evening/Morning and instantly liked it. This leaded to me listened to their prior releases again, and you know how it is, when you listen to meh stuff a few times you start to like it. So I'm starting to like BBC. I (started) read their interview in this months Artrocker magazine and had no idea how young they were. If I had a hat, I'd take it off to them. Evening/Morning's guitar and bass riffs sound slightly Interpolly (the second comparison to them in this post!) and really sound quite dark, and play well with the croaky vocals and jumpy drums. The b-side to the single is You Already Know, an adorable little acoustic tune about two friends who become more than friends (I think). From what I learnt in their Artrocker interview, they are preparing to start work on their debut album. I predict a couple more singles before we get our hands on it. I will be eagerly anticipating it! You can and should buy the single from Norman Records here.

MP3: Bombay Bicycle Club - Evening/Morning

Next week I'm going to review Klaus Says Buy The Record's new EP. This is fun!

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Anonymous said...

Unlike you I've loved the demos of Late of Pier that I've come across, but it should be awesome to hear them in their new tailored suits.