Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Midnight Corn Flakes

I'm such a terrible blogger. I can't say I have good reasoning for not posting, I'm just lazy. I've been watching a lot of films over the past few days. I had to squeeze them between entertaining cousins and other boring things. But I thought you might like to know what films I watched and what I thought of them. That's what this post is starting off with. New music related stuff later. This post might be a bit long and boring. Sorry.

I started my film-a-thon with that recently released hollywood "excuse for some big explosions" kind of film Hancock. It started off okay and just went downhill. I'm not going to go on about it. Instead watch this review on Youtube, of which i fully agree with. It tickles me.

Then I watched Signs, which was quite good. I don't really understand the whole "Signs is shit" thing. The aliens looked a bit generic though, just green men. Next up was American Psycho! I absolutely loved that film. Slightly confused about what actually happened at the end due to not having read the book first but it was fantastic. I'm currently downloading it! It's quite interesting how Christian Bale's character is called Patrick Bateman and he is also the current Batman. Bateman, Batman. Cool coincidence. Whilst on the subject, I saw The Dark Knight last week, very good film but went on for a very long time. Interested to know who the next villain is. Anyway, after watching American Psycho I watched The Interpreter, a political (aka boring) film about some country who has a president who killed people and some woman isn't happy about it. Yawn. The next film I watched was The Village, the second film by M. Night Shyamalan (the first being Signs). It was interesting and had some nice twists and turns in the plot although I did expect it to be scarier. I suppose it was only a 12 rating. I am currently half way through watching the new The Mummy 3 film, it's buffering. It's okay I suppose, a bit boring to start off with though. Still 35 minutes left to go though.


I have now watched all of The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor and I can safely say it was predictable and boring, probably trying to ride off the sucsess of the new Indiana Jones film. I wasn't actually aware I was watching a cinema recording until two people got up near the end. They probably felt the same about the film as me! Today I am going to watch About Schmidt. The reason I'm trying to watch as many films as possible is because I'm doing film studies at college and I want to be good at something. It's pretty easy to watch films so I should watch as many possible.


I have just finished watching About Schmidt. What a lovely moving film. I cryed at the end. Any excuse to see Jack Nicholsons arse. I felt a bit peckish halfway through so ventured downstairs for a midnight snack; Corn Flakes! Hence the post title. Writing about music is over-rated. My blog is officially becoming slightly about films as well as music. Hurray.

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ROSIE said...

Furst comment! I am going to try very hard to spell correctly on this and it is going to be extra long, so excuse me if it bores you, but I have got the boredombug from some bitch.
Anyway I agree The Dark Knight was good, apart from it was terribly long. Hancock was, IMO, crappish but thats IMO and MO is crap so.
I quite like these blog things, trés interessant.
From Rosie +xo+x

PS: Aw you cried! That is something not much people would admit to, I make myself cry sometimes when watching films because everyone else is crying and I feel like I have a heart of stone, so I just dab a little water, squeeze a little onion juice and it's pretty realistic.