Monday, August 11, 2008

Klaus Says Buy The Record - Centurion EP

The word "Centurion" has multiple meanings; a ranking in the Roman army, a type of tank, the name of a place in South Africa and the name of an estate agents amongst other things. Centurion is also the name of Klaus Says Buy The Record's new EP, his (Jonathan C Mills) first release since winning the Red Stripe Music Award 2008. The EP may not be as exciting as the Roman army or a tank, but it does contain 4 easy to listen to acoustic pop songs, maybe to calm you down after you've driven your tank. The opening track, also called Centurion is a good track to begin the EP, it's classic Klaus. The line "You are feeling blue, so I'll colour you in. I'll promote your smile to a full time grin" seems to be his main new catch-phrase, if you will. It's written on the back of one of the pieces of paper inside the EP and is his new Myspace quote. It's quite a nice line. The song includes buzzing synths which come in and out of the song, similar to his experimental track Miracle On Stairway B. The girl with the face paint on the artwork has an African kind of feel to it, which could be a link to the place called Centurion in South Africa. The soulful howling, the ba-ba's and the claps on the second track Lone Wolf seem to suggest he is continuing the African theme throughout the EP. The highlight of the release is Happy Birthday Blue, again featuring buzzing synths, sharp-yet-soft guitar, gentle drums and a bass! Possibly the first Klaus song I've heard a bass. Or maybe I just never noticed. Final track Ukulele And So Can I unsuprisingly is played on a Ukulele. It's a nice and simple and you just want to hug it.

Finally, I'd like to mention the fact that the artwork and pieces of paper feature actual printed photographs, which is pretty cool. This is a really nice EP. I'm looking forward to being able to order a copy of his mini-album Mother Hen, which is being re-released in October. Overall, I'd give this release a 7/8 out of 10. You can buy the EP from Norman Records here.

MP3: Klaus Says Buy The Record - Happy Birthday Blue


My next post will be a review of this gig and maybe some merch I buy:

Tubelord/Blakfish/Secondsmile/Venice Ahoy/Lucida Smile @ Hamptons Bar on 14th August.


juzzam said...

I assume you will buy me a light blue tubelord t shirt in mens XS or womens large.
Thanks ;)

juzzam said...

Its only a tenner for a t shirt :)
Not that I could afford it when I saw em :(
The meadowlands thing makes sense, dartz! being from here an' all!
Clever as.