Monday, July 7, 2008

This is not the time to start a new love!

Bloc Party have returned! They have been recording their new album over the past few months with Paul Epworth and Jacknife Lee, who seperately produced Bloc Party's two previous albums. Their new single Mercury is available for streaming on the Radio One website. But fuck streaming. Get the MP3! It has the experimental factor of Flux, the nonsense-lyrics of Silent Alarm and a shit load of horns to top it off. Absolutely fucking fantastic.

MP3: Bloc Party - Mercury

Release details

Heavy weight 12”

Side A: Mercury (12” Version)
Side B: Mercury (12” Intrumental)

CD Maxi

1. Mercury
2. Mercury (Hervé is in disarray Remix)
3. Mercury (CSS Remix)
4. Mercury (Flosstrodamus Remix)

Heavyweight 7”

Side A: Mercury
Side B: Idea For A Story

Pre-order the single from their online store here!


Fashion Fleur said...

im not a huge fan, but still like their stuff and their frontman ;D
unfortunately i didnt get tickets to their upcoming LA shows intime but my friends are going so im happy for them...

btway this blog is ace! let us be friends.

Angela said...

i love bloc party! "mercury" is great. i'm going to see them at the royal oak music theatre (near detroit) on september 5th. anyone else going? if you want to know more: )

Ed Cresdee said...

wow my blog has turned into some kind of american bloc party fan forum. huzzah.

Fashion Fleur said...

haha yeah music&fashion=very different

id love to start a music blog but im soo lazyyyyyyy
so i just add bits of music whenever i can on my blog..
but seriously your blog is much good music!!!!
you should check out my new fav bands: fischerspooner, bitchee bitchee ya ya ya
theyre both from kitsune records..
also i think youd love sunny afternoon (mintel rose remix) by the kinks! i found it the other day and love it..

Fashion Fleur said...

i actually already saw them a couple of weeks ago.... they were superb! i know the people at this warehouse that no age and another band called mika miko started out at so i have a special connection to them ( :

Any Syler said...

I don't particularly like Mercury...

lu said...

it's a bit odd, this new direction chosen by the band (or is it the label ?)
they still rock socks and mercury IS addictive, if you survive the shock of the first listen. they gained some new fans, but they lost some older ones, too. i;m stickin with them tho'