Friday, July 18, 2008

Kick her down the stairs

The most controversial thing I have seen on the internet recently has been the new design. It has been available for subscribers (like me!) for a few months now and we have seen sections move around/disappear/reappear until it change slowly into what it is now. I still have a lot of problems with it though. I don't like the fact that the shoutbox takes up half the page at the bottom; they should reduce it in size. It looks a bit too much like the Facebook "wall" feature. God I hate Facebook (ADD ME ON IT!). I also do not like the way the charts have been reduced so that when you glance at someone's profile, you only see their top 15 overall artists OR weekly artists - you can't have both. There are a lot of blank spaces, which need to be filled with something, especially in the name/icon section at the top of you're profile. Subscribers have lost their blue icon! It has been replaced with a TINY piece of writing next to the user's name. However, I love how the charts now update instantly after you listen to a song (real-time charts for all you nerds) and the library feature is pretty cool, being able to delete all the shite I have listened to.

The second most controversial thing I've seen on the internet recently has been a code that you put into your Windows Live Messenger personal message that fucks you over. I didn't fall for the antics of Yr_Mum though. Ha.

You may have (definitely did) seen the writing under my logo about having no bandwidth for the next two weeks. The rumours are true! All hell has broken loose in the office bedroom. Yes, I could get another Fileden account, but the bandwidth on that would go fairly quickly too, and I'm not paying for another Fileden Premium account. I'm just going to have to try and spread links out all over the place. Or give up blogging and chase my dream of being a rockstar!!!!!!!


Shaun said...

agreeing about the new look, im not liking it one little bit.

Any Syler said...

You fell for Yr_Mum's bug? Haha. I quite like the new I didn't notice about the library. I've been saved- I can delete McFly! (don't laugh at me)