Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let your blood flow to the drain

Having no bandwidth is not fun. I don't want to write about stuff because when I write a post I want to get it published as soon as possible, and I don't want to have to wait ages for the MP3 links to work. That's why it's dead round here! Except it's not really dead because it still gets about 150 hits a day from all you Hype Machiners. Which were actually the problem in the first place, sucking up all my bandwidth all in one go! I hope you get stomach ache. Anyway, I've got about 4 Fileden accounts now.

It's not all doom and gloom (ART BRUT QUOTE!) though, because while I havn't been writing about music, I have still been listening to it. Last night whilst lying on the floor of my nan's spare bedroom I listened to Joy Division's singles compilation Substance. I didn't get any sleep that night (not JD's fault though!). Anyway, I realised how amazing they sound when you are lying on the floor with the moonlight hitting you in the face like a big pizza pie (KRUSTY QUOTE!).

MP3: Joy Division - Dead Souls
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On with the show. I'm writing this post on Firefox, I felt like trying something new. I've also decided to center this entire post. I might change it back though, in which case I shall delete this line and the previous one. As of late I have developed a bit of a sweet tooth for a bit of hip-pop experimental indie rock (niche market?!). The first material I heard by Why? (a 3 piece centred around front man and original member Joni Wolf) was their new album Alopecia. I struggled to go beyond the first 4 tracks, which are jaw-droppingly good, but have now fallen for the rest of it. My current favourite track from the album is Fatalist Palmistry. I then went after Why?'s previous album Elephant Eyelash, which is slowly growing on me, but not rated as highly as Alopecia yet.

MP3: Why? - Whispers Into The Other
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Adam Kesher are a band are from France. I don't know where exactly; their Myspace is a bit vague about their location. France is pretty big. Despite the band being called Adam Kesher, there are 6 members, and none of them are actually called "Adam", or have the sirname "Kesher". The lyrics are hardly inspiring; "I want to meet a local girl like you, take me to your room and save my life", infact, it sounds slightly Pigeon Detectivey. But don't be put off! It's nice/dark electro-pop music, probably good if you are feeling moody but have the energy to nod your head a bit. And no, before you ask, they don't sound much like The Teenagers. Their debut album Heading For The Hills, Feeling Warm Inside was released in April, although I don't know how available it is in the UK. If by any chance you live in France and are reading this, you can buy it from the French version of Amazon here.

MP3: Adam Kesher - Local Girl

Finally, here's a really cool video of The Mae Shi doing an acoustic version of Run To Your Grave on the side of a river in Vienna, Austria. The video was recorded by the people at They Shoot Music Don't They, who emailed me about this, thank god they did! I am intrigued about that instrument they use, like a keyboard with buttons or something. I want one!


Nathan said...

Use savefile - it has unlimited bandwidth, I would use fileden but both of my accounts were suspended

Nathan said...

I'm going to Symonds this september, and yeah we are surprisingly close,

savefile doesn't do direct to mp3 links however I'm rather sure that they appear on both HypeM and Elbo.ws,

Also that Joy Division song is one of their best, have you seen the movie, Control?

Nathan said...

barton peveril? i'm sure i've heard of it, what school do you go to now?

I'm quite envious of your Hype machine listing! how did you get it? I've been trying for a bit now, pretty sure I meet their criteria but alas i have not been added to the list

and films are like tied with video games for 2nd biggest interest

Seneca "The Beast" Doss said...

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Any Syler said...

Awesome Mae Shi video! I'm so mad, they opened for Blonde Redhead last October on my birthday, and I got to the venue late and missed their act because a friend flaked on me. They're from a town over from me, a neighboring band I like to call them. Love those guys! Now they're hopping all over the world. I'm honestly very jealous of them... it's only natural, yes?

Any Syler said...

Play my house? If it was large enough! I'd be able to fit them in the living room... me and maybe a couple bodies in the kitchen. That's about it! I'd love to host a party at a venue though, invite them to play. Just the costs are too much... and now I have to start buddying up with Seattle bands in October. You should check out Natalie Portmans Shaved head- they're soooooo weird and trippy. The lyrics to their song "Beard Lust" just crack me up.

Paul said...

Adam Kesher is a character is the David Lynch film, Mulholland Drive. I'm guessing that's where they got the name from. Great band.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm french guy and I can told you adam kesher came from bordeaux that is quite a big city...and I was actually searching for the lyrics of the loca girl's song...my english is not too good anyway for let me understand...so if anyone can post it would be really cool

humkie said...

the shoes remix --> EPIC !!! :)