Thursday, July 31, 2008

How'd you get that beard? I grew it

I wish I had a beard, I'd feel more like a man and look like one too. Let it be known, Pepsi cans are much easier and generally nicer to open than Coke cans. It's been about 6 days since my bandwidth came back and since it's been back 3.9GB of MP3s from here have been downloaded. Slow down! I talk about my bandwidth more than I talk about music. Right this second, I'm rehosting MP3s onto other accounts.

I havn't found many new bands recently really. I've been enjoying doing nothing. But today I did something, I made some music! Some really bad music. I did a song called "shit me a brick" which was basically a improvised guitar fuck-out with some drum noises I recorded about 4 months ago along with a robot voice saying absolute crap. Would you like to hear it? I bet you're intrigued. You can listen to it on! I put it on because I don't want to be a Myspace band thing. I'm a band! Well, not band. Boy. Yay. My artist page is here. I can't help but laugh when I listen to it. I also did a song called "rosie is gay" and a 49 second LCD Soundsystem cover!

Instead of MP3s, have a browse over these links:

Band For The Day - A site which features a new band every day.
Dan Deacon MP3s - A directory of loads of his stuff.
Plastic Passion - A band from London. Real thorough coverage there.
The Unsigned Music UK - Website about unsigned music. O rly?


Any Syler said...

(I'm fuckin' spastic with that song)
Interesting attempt at making a song, Ed...
I'll give you a heads up for when you can post some proper Beard Lust.

Nathan said...

Hi Ed - good interest in having a beard, i have a few long hairs from my chin XD

anyway just recommending a band Feral Mare, it's not because i know the drummer but the band is actually pretty darn awesome! the songs are up for download

also what about using zshare?

Nathan said...

Busted :| anyway moving on....

And gdgd - the two songs are really good but rather unfortunately tom (the drummer) told me they split after the finish college.

zshare ain't direct links but they appear on both hypem and elbows, All direct link sites i know of have bandwidth limits

Nathan said...

ed - found something you may like
it is free and is direct links, no apparent bandwidth limit as you don't have to sign up, I've just started using it for my posts

Nathan said...

ah well
i didn't notice that

and yes! amazing metronomy song. I'm really liking them at the moment