Thursday, July 31, 2008

How'd you get that beard? I grew it

I wish I had a beard, I'd feel more like a man and look like one too. Let it be known, Pepsi cans are much easier and generally nicer to open than Coke cans. It's been about 6 days since my bandwidth came back and since it's been back 3.9GB of MP3s from here have been downloaded. Slow down! I talk about my bandwidth more than I talk about music. Right this second, I'm rehosting MP3s onto other accounts.

I havn't found many new bands recently really. I've been enjoying doing nothing. But today I did something, I made some music! Some really bad music. I did a song called "shit me a brick" which was basically a improvised guitar fuck-out with some drum noises I recorded about 4 months ago along with a robot voice saying absolute crap. Would you like to hear it? I bet you're intrigued. You can listen to it on! I put it on because I don't want to be a Myspace band thing. I'm a band! Well, not band. Boy. Yay. My artist page is here. I can't help but laugh when I listen to it. I also did a song called "rosie is gay" and a 49 second LCD Soundsystem cover!

Instead of MP3s, have a browse over these links:

Band For The Day - A site which features a new band every day.
Dan Deacon MP3s - A directory of loads of his stuff.
Plastic Passion - A band from London. Real thorough coverage there.
The Unsigned Music UK - Website about unsigned music. O rly?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let your blood flow to the drain

Having no bandwidth is not fun. I don't want to write about stuff because when I write a post I want to get it published as soon as possible, and I don't want to have to wait ages for the MP3 links to work. That's why it's dead round here! Except it's not really dead because it still gets about 150 hits a day from all you Hype Machiners. Which were actually the problem in the first place, sucking up all my bandwidth all in one go! I hope you get stomach ache. Anyway, I've got about 4 Fileden accounts now.

It's not all doom and gloom (ART BRUT QUOTE!) though, because while I havn't been writing about music, I have still been listening to it. Last night whilst lying on the floor of my nan's spare bedroom I listened to Joy Division's singles compilation Substance. I didn't get any sleep that night (not JD's fault though!). Anyway, I realised how amazing they sound when you are lying on the floor with the moonlight hitting you in the face like a big pizza pie (KRUSTY QUOTE!).

MP3: Joy Division - Dead Souls
Buy from Amazon

On with the show. I'm writing this post on Firefox, I felt like trying something new. I've also decided to center this entire post. I might change it back though, in which case I shall delete this line and the previous one. As of late I have developed a bit of a sweet tooth for a bit of hip-pop experimental indie rock (niche market?!). The first material I heard by Why? (a 3 piece centred around front man and original member Joni Wolf) was their new album Alopecia. I struggled to go beyond the first 4 tracks, which are jaw-droppingly good, but have now fallen for the rest of it. My current favourite track from the album is Fatalist Palmistry. I then went after Why?'s previous album Elephant Eyelash, which is slowly growing on me, but not rated as highly as Alopecia yet.

MP3: Why? - Whispers Into The Other
Buy from Amazon

Adam Kesher are a band are from France. I don't know where exactly; their Myspace is a bit vague about their location. France is pretty big. Despite the band being called Adam Kesher, there are 6 members, and none of them are actually called "Adam", or have the sirname "Kesher". The lyrics are hardly inspiring; "I want to meet a local girl like you, take me to your room and save my life", infact, it sounds slightly Pigeon Detectivey. But don't be put off! It's nice/dark electro-pop music, probably good if you are feeling moody but have the energy to nod your head a bit. And no, before you ask, they don't sound much like The Teenagers. Their debut album Heading For The Hills, Feeling Warm Inside was released in April, although I don't know how available it is in the UK. If by any chance you live in France and are reading this, you can buy it from the French version of Amazon here.

MP3: Adam Kesher - Local Girl

Finally, here's a really cool video of The Mae Shi doing an acoustic version of Run To Your Grave on the side of a river in Vienna, Austria. The video was recorded by the people at They Shoot Music Don't They, who emailed me about this, thank god they did! I am intrigued about that instrument they use, like a keyboard with buttons or something. I want one!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Kick her down the stairs

The most controversial thing I have seen on the internet recently has been the new design. It has been available for subscribers (like me!) for a few months now and we have seen sections move around/disappear/reappear until it change slowly into what it is now. I still have a lot of problems with it though. I don't like the fact that the shoutbox takes up half the page at the bottom; they should reduce it in size. It looks a bit too much like the Facebook "wall" feature. God I hate Facebook (ADD ME ON IT!). I also do not like the way the charts have been reduced so that when you glance at someone's profile, you only see their top 15 overall artists OR weekly artists - you can't have both. There are a lot of blank spaces, which need to be filled with something, especially in the name/icon section at the top of you're profile. Subscribers have lost their blue icon! It has been replaced with a TINY piece of writing next to the user's name. However, I love how the charts now update instantly after you listen to a song (real-time charts for all you nerds) and the library feature is pretty cool, being able to delete all the shite I have listened to.

The second most controversial thing I've seen on the internet recently has been a code that you put into your Windows Live Messenger personal message that fucks you over. I didn't fall for the antics of Yr_Mum though. Ha.

You may have (definitely did) seen the writing under my logo about having no bandwidth for the next two weeks. The rumours are true! All hell has broken loose in the office bedroom. Yes, I could get another Fileden account, but the bandwidth on that would go fairly quickly too, and I'm not paying for another Fileden Premium account. I'm just going to have to try and spread links out all over the place. Or give up blogging and chase my dream of being a rockstar!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Noah and the Noise

London 2-piece Gentle Friendly were mentioned in a bulletin by Johnny Foreigner drummer Jr, along with Algernon Cadwallader, My Psychoanalyst and Calories, who are all good and will probably all end up on here because I'm too lazy to find bands myself. But the fact that Jr mentioned it is not the only reason I'm posting this mp3. This song is from a radio session, and the presenter who talks for about 10 seconds makes me laugh for no reason. The track is called Real Fighters, and it is 1:30 (excluding the funny man talking) of messy shouting over what sounds someone sitting on the keys of an organ. It sounds like No Age if their songs were shorter and had break-downs which include noises like a washing machine. Check their Myspace for more songs like the above!

Perhaps they could be/are part of this "Noise" label that is around. I don't know much about it.'s similar artists for them include Fuck Buttons and Teengirl Fantasy. If you are interested in Teengirl Fantasy, go here!

MP3: Gentle Friendly - Real Fighters

The problem that I have with this "Noise" thing is that it's very very hard to tell the difference between songs. Initially, at least. Another band who have found themselves stuck with the label are Health. They are a four piece experimental band from Los Angeles (anotherrrrr No Age comparison). I said they are part of this "Noise" thing, but their genres are kind of all over the place. I'm not sure if I like it or not, like a lot of things these days. See for yourself.

MP3: Health - Glitter Pills
MP3: No Age - Eraser (I've mentioned them enough times, any excuse for a No Age MP3!)

I mentioned Fuck Buttons earlier. I downloaded their album and was suprised at how long their songs were. 5/6 songs on it were longer than 7 minutes long. See what you think of their progressive noises and tingz. If you like their progressive noises and tingz, go to their Myspace.

MP3: Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love For Planet Earth

Finally, Noah And The Whale's debut album Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down is available for free download from 7digital and it is fantastic. The downside to the freeness is that you will only have for 2 weeks, after 2 weeks of having the files, they will no longer work (I'm guessing). Get it for 2 weeks here! Inevitably, it has become available online, so if you want it for longer than 2 weeks, go elsewhere. I'm sure it's not hard to find. Just so you know, the MP3 below will not expire in 2 weeks. High five!

MP3: Noah And The Whale - Give A Little Love

Monday, July 7, 2008

This is not the time to start a new love!

Bloc Party have returned! They have been recording their new album over the past few months with Paul Epworth and Jacknife Lee, who seperately produced Bloc Party's two previous albums. Their new single Mercury is available for streaming on the Radio One website. But fuck streaming. Get the MP3! It has the experimental factor of Flux, the nonsense-lyrics of Silent Alarm and a shit load of horns to top it off. Absolutely fucking fantastic.

MP3: Bloc Party - Mercury

Release details

Heavy weight 12”

Side A: Mercury (12” Version)
Side B: Mercury (12” Intrumental)

CD Maxi

1. Mercury
2. Mercury (Hervé is in disarray Remix)
3. Mercury (CSS Remix)
4. Mercury (Flosstrodamus Remix)

Heavyweight 7”

Side A: Mercury
Side B: Idea For A Story

Pre-order the single from their online store here!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'll buy you flowers instead of pickled eggs

Here are a small handful of songs that I have been playing to the extreme quite a lot recently. Think of it a mini-playlist. Artists have mini-albums, so mini-playlists must exist. If not then I am officially creating the first mini-playlist. Huzzah. Most of these tracks have been released recently or are very close to being so. You may be interested to know that I am now including "buy" links in my posts. Because even though I don't buy it, that doesn't mean you can't. Word. Basically this post was just an excuse to make another logo!

MP3: Late Of The Pier - Broken [Buy from Amazon]
MP3: Why? - The Hollows [Buy from Amazon]
MP3: Mclusky - Without MSG I Am Nothing [Buy from Amazon]
MP3: The Subways - This Is The Club For People Who Hate People [Buy from Amazon]
MP3: Maths Class - Branches [Buy from Amazon]
MP3: The Wave Pictures - I Love You Like A Madman [Buy from Amazon]

Finally, this song didn't really fit in with the rest of my "mini-playlist" because I havn't been playing it "quite a lot" because I have only just discovered it but I think I will be listening to it a lot. Here is how I would describe it. Like Test Icicles hyper on cherryade in a room full of apes. Capow.

MP3: The Mae Shi - Power To The Power Bite Two [Buy from Amazon]

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

He would say cunt to a nun

In the short space between my last post and this one, quite a few interesting things have happened. The biggest of these things is Glastonbury, which I hear didn't sell out this year. Possibley because Jay Z headlined on Saturday, although another factor could be that the Nelson Mandella birthday party gig whatever thing happened last friday. Whilst on the subject of Jay Z, he did an interview with Tim Westwood. It's the first time I've actually heard/seen Tim Westwood, he confuses me. Youtube video of the interview can be seen here.

[Spends next two hours downloading The Mae Shi's back catalogue and browsing their store and searching for anything MS them on eBay.]

The second biggest thing that happened was Boring By The Sea Festival in Weymouth, although I couldn't go because I had to go to Barton Peveril's taster day the following day and it would not be good if I went there with a few hours sleep. I know that's a terrible reason not to go, but I was also struggling to persuade my friends to come with me, and going on my own was not an option because would need some kind of transport even if I did get the train, because my mother would not have picked me up from the train station. So, I kind of mentioned that my college open day happened on monday, that was one of the things that happened. Then, the following day was my/our school's Prom. "Our" because some people from school have looked at this once maybe and there is a slight chance that they will see this. That was for you. Lul. So, today was just recovering from tiredness. Well, that was the plan but it obviously hasn't gone to plan because I am still outrageously tired and have some kind of back pain. So, this means tomorrow will also recovering. And most probably the day after that too.

Now something musical. I bought 4 Or 5 Magicians' debut single from This Is Fake Diy's online store last week and it arrived this morning. It is a double-A side single, with the tracks Ideal Man and Change The Record. I downloaded a hand-ful of 4O5M's songs and the first of the two was my favourite so when I found out about the single, I ordered it straight away. It is 3 minutes of lippy-pop with a dash of "punk" attitude, and reminds me of Bromhead's Jacket.

MP3: 4 Or 5 Magicians - Ideal Man

You can buy your copy of the single from This Is Fake DIY by clicking here!