Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jason and the Astronauts/Lost Penguin

The trouble with trying to find new bands on is that whenever you find something that is any good, you find out the band has broken up. Although strangely, once you know that they have broken up, they actually start to sound better. Don't ask my why, they just do. The fact that they had broken up not being very big makes it hard to find their music (for free), and I don't really fancy forking out a load of money for a band that I am only 40% interested in, 60% at most. I should come up with a system rating how much I like each band on here, presented in percentages.

So, the reason that I wrote about the negative features of band-hunting is that I have found a really quite interesting band on there (as if you hadn't already guessed). They are called Jason and the Astronauts. Their name "format" if you will, is similar to several bands around at the moment; name and the professions. Actually, that would be quite a good name for a piss take band, Name and the Professions. But this band released their album in 2004, so this probably makes them the first band to use this name format. Theres something interesting to put on your CV. I have uncovered Pete and the Pirates's evil plan.

Anyway, their label describes them as "cutting guitar post-punk electro-tinged noise (with shouting)", which seems fair I suppose. You should be grateful you are getting this mp3, it took a lot of effort in order to get it. I had to call in a favour from an internet friend because my laptop can only do so much. They have 3 other songs for free download from their Myspace here.

MP3: Jason and the Astronauts - Passé Disco (Un23 Version)

Another band I found on that have now broken up are Lost Penguin. I was drawn to their name because it sounded so crazeh. And to be honest, they sound fairly crazy too. I am too tired to write lots about them because they have broken up and just want to get another band crossed off my list of bands to write about (I actually have one). Again, you can download some more songs from their Myspace here.

MP3: Lost Penguin - I Believe I Can Fly

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