Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shoot the singer, shoot him quick

This week whilst not revising for GCSEs I listened to an album called HLLLYH, by The Mae Shi. They are a 5 piece from California! They are 5 guys (as far as I'm aware) and they are: Jeffrey Joseph Byron, Timothy David Martinez, Jonathan Pat Gray, Jacob Alonzo Cooper and William Esperanto Gray. They have lots of lovely bright pictures on their Myspace, which is where the nice logo is from above these words. They sound a bit like Kotki Dwa, but like a bigger sound kind-of-thing. And a bit more synthy. I should probably write more about the music, but I'm too lazy and impatient. From what I can tell, they are playing a few dates in the UK around the begining of August.

Edit: I should have written more about this song because it is FUCKING AMAZING. It's one of my favourite songs of the year so far. Download this song, love it, go buy the album, love that, go see them live, love them.

MP3: The Mae Shi - Run To Your Grave

The Muscle Club are a new band who are located in Cardiff. They have 4 members and only formed in January 2008. They have been compared to Los Campesinos!, I'm guessing because the singers sound the same (because they are both Welsh). I love their simple little riffs, reminiscent of The Cribs, but not full of self-pride and bullshit. Ooh bitchy! They have a 3 track demo, which you can download if you like the mp3 I have posted.

MP3:The Muscle Club - I've Never Read Anything
The Muscle Club - 3 Track Demo

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