Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Sounds Marathon!

This post is the equivalent of the Hollyoaks omnibus. And it is distracting me from Business Studies revision. Instead of just one or two new bands, it has at least four (hopefully more!). Each band will have less "blog-time" (like airtime on tv!) though, because writing is hard, with all those words. Seeing as there is less writing for each band it seems a bit pointless giving each one a massive picture taking up the width of the post so I am going to make a logo for this car-boot sale of new music. I may even use it again. Yummy!

IMP [Myspace]
IMP are a 3 piece experimental band from Yorkshire. That's about all I know about them really; they seem to be playing hard-to-get. They sound like Kotki Dwa having a seizure after having watched a banned episode of Pokemon. Apparently they have over 200 songs too, which is impressive. Definately listen to this song, it may be short but that riff is so good.

MP3: IMP - Just Destroyer

I Say Marvin [Myspace]
From IMP to ISM! I Say Marvin are a 5 piece from Cornwall with great keyboard riffs and brilliant shout-out-loud choruses. They instantly grab your attention. Strangely, ISM are the only band I can think of that come from Cornwall. I imagine everyone there listens to surf-rock because they surf (or so I've heard), so I am linking surfing to surf-rock. (Sorry hardcore surf-rock fans). They are probably my current favourite band, although it seems to change every few days. I've talked on and on about Cornwall, despite the fact they are now based in Brighton, seemingly along with every other band under the sun.

MP3: I Say Marvin - Slow Motion Sheep Explosion

Data.Select.Party [Myspace]
DSP are possibly the biggest of all the bands in this post, which makes their music slightly more accessable; horray! They are a 4 piece London band who have good choruses and bleepy high-pitch guitars. They are releasing new single No Girls Allowed on 28th July, the follow-up to debut single This Charm Is Charmless. The tune below is from the Big Scary Monsters Compilation 50 Not Out, which I recieved free with my Tubelord single. DSP are on tour this summer, and are stopping off at Southampton Joiners along the way, which I may be tempted into going to!

MP3: Data.Select.Party - So Long Sweet Lime

Rotary Ten [Myspace]
I saw their name on an Elle Milano gig flyer, and decided to take a chance on them and it paid off. They are yet another catchy as hell 4 piece band with a continually changing tempo. This is one Sheffield band who are not jumping on the AM bandwagon (although that did kind of stop a few years ago). They have recently released possibly the hardest to find album ever. It is called These Are Our Hands and is released by London label Xtra Mile. When I say it is hard to find, I mean in a non-pay kind of way which may eventually lead to an official purchase. However, if you feel like buying the album based on the song below, feel free to click here to buy your copy from HMV.

MP3: Rotary Ten - Time Is Not A Line And I Am Not A Rock

Colour [Myspace]
Finally, Colour. They are a 4 piece indie pop band from from Kingston. It is fairly hard to find anything else out about them seeing as they have such a widely used word as their name. That, and there are an American band called The Colour. They are generally pleasurable to listen to. Their guitars make nice noises and their voices are nice. Apparently they have the guitar-noodling of Minus The Bear and the falsetto-led passion of Buckley.

MP3: Colour - Chutes

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