Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lock The Rock

Today, whilst adjusting my bedroom layout, I listened to my Xtra Mile Recordings/Big Scary Monsters compilation Lock The Rock.Considering it came free with my Rotary Ten/Colour split 7", it is fairly good! It contains Meet Me In St. Louis, Tubelord, Dartz!, This Town Needs Guns, Sam Isaac, Frank Turner and Secondsmile. Here are the highlights of the Cd:

MP3: Meet Me In St. Louis - Eins Zwei Drei Hasslehoff!
MP3: DARTZ! - Latin & Greek
MP3: This Town Needs Guns - If I Sit Still Maybe I'll Make It Out Of Here
MP3: Cats and Cats and Cats - Sweet Drunk Everyone
MP3: Chris T-T - In The Dressing Room

*Not allowed to give you these songs, sorry :(*

You can buy the Cd from here for £4 or get it free with anything else bought from that same link.

Finally, I have changed the look of the blog slighty. Firstly, I made a new logo using Adobe Illustrator. It looks like a 5 minute job, and that's because it was. But I kind of like it. Secondly, I have decreased the ammount of posts on the main page and made the font slightly bigger. I also redid the profile section. Comment this post if you love/hate/don't care about it.


Xtra Mile Recordings said...


Remove the download links in this article. The CD was only free for a limited run and these tracks are not to be made available for free via download.

Dan - Xtra Mile

Edward said...

*Give's Ed a slap on the hand*