Sunday, June 8, 2008

Johnny Foreigner @ The Joiners Arms

I am currently 3/4 of the way through a 4 day weekend! I probably should have made the post of this time and done a few more posts, but I have been mostly sleeping. But this time, I have a reason to be tired; friday night was when The Fly Tour 2008 hit town! The town being Southampton, The Joiners Arms to be precise. Headlined by Johnny Foreigner, supported by Tubelord, Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man and Venice Ahoy. A brilliant line-up, you don't see many that good. I liked all the bands playing before I heard about the gig too.

Prior to the gig, Venice Ahoy could be seen selling tickets outside the gig for £5! At least I think it was them. They were very entertaining on stage, althogh when they came on I was still at the merch area. I got a signed Johnny Foreigner album and poster - my first proper signed thing that has been signed in-front of me. Genuinely nice people! Venice Ahoy also annonced the news that Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man were not playing, they got stuck in London or something. On the plus side, as Venice Ahoy noted, we all get to see Tubelord a bit earlier. And was it worth missing OELM? It bloody was. Not only are they nice guys (they signed my copy of their Square Ep!), but they also know how to put on a great show. They ended with their debut single Feed Me A Box Of Words, blow-keyboards and all.

Then it was time for headliners Johnny Foreigner to take to the stage. They opened with album track Hennings Favourite, impressing my friends who were fairly new to JF. They then powered through non-album tracks Sofacore and Suicide Pact, Yeah? and album highlight Eyes Wide Terrified. My favourite moment was hearing a live rendition of Salt, Peppa and Spinderella, the forth-coming single. The dry drum-beat with the gentle but nervous riff combined with a massive thrash-off combine together brilliantly. The set also included the b-side What Burlesque Won't Stand. Alexei explained the story behind the song, which included a plane crash, a jungle and a porn site. This was just one of the mid set band/audience conversations. Apparently they are in trouble with their label for talking/complaining too much on stage. Some-what disappointingly, they finished with Absolute Balance. I was so excited about hearing Sometimes In The Bullring live, but it never happened. There's always next time (hopefully!). However, just because they didn't finish with my favourite song doesn't mean I didn't enjoy seeing two members of Tubelord join JF for the finale. Everyone was anxiously waiting for the encore that never was. The End.

You can see some great pictures from the night here.

MP3: Johnny Foreigner - Salt, Peppa Spinderella [Myspace]
MP3: Tubelord - Obstacles [Myspace]
MP3: Venice Ahoy - Fireworks [Myspace]


Ryan said...

whey you linked my pictures. nice one

ROSssieeeee said...

I liked it when Tubelord started off Cranes and Cranes and Cranes and Cranes for JF. He was standing next to me :D
From Rosie +xo+x