Friday, June 27, 2008

2008: Half-time!

It is just over half way through 2008 and I am running short on ideas today, so this post is my attempt at listing the best releases so far this year! Obviously a lot of people will probably disagree because I always seem to have a slightly distorted sense of judgement, and I will probably forget a lot of releases or just not know about them completely. But anyway, here I go!

Best albums released so far in 2008!
(Monday 31st Dec 2007 - Monday 23rd June 2007)

15. Lightspeed Champion – Falling Off The Lavender Bridge (21st January 2008) [Buy from Amazon]
14. The Wave Pictures – Instant Coffee Baby (5th May 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
13. We are The Physics – Are Ok At Music (5th May 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
12. We Are Scientists – Brain Thrust Mastery (17th March 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
11. Foals - Antidotes (24th March 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
10. ¡Forward, Russia! - Life Processes (14th April 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
9. The Teenagers – Reality Check (17th March 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
8. No Age - Nouns (6th May 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
7. These New Puritans – Beat Pyramid (28th January 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
6. Mystery Jets – Twenty One (24th March 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
5. The Mae Shi - HLLLYH (11th February 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
4. Johnny Foreigner – Waited Up Til It Was Light (2nd June 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
3. Los Campesinos! – Hold On Now, Youngster… (25th February 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
2. Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell (5th May 2008)[Buy from Amazon]
1. Elle Milano – Acres of Dead Space Cadets (14th April 2008)[Buy from Amazon]

Alternatively, you can buy Acres of Dead Space Cadets from for £5!

MP3: The Mae Shi - Pwnd
MP3: Tokyo Police Club - In A Cave
MP3: Johnny Foreigner - Cranes and Cranes and Cranes and Cranes
MP3: No Age - Sleeper Hold

Monday, June 23, 2008

All you'll find here is dead rock stars

Sunday, the day of sleep. That, and watching downloaded episodes of The Simpsons series 16. But what do you do when you have watched all of your episodes, backed them up onto a portable hard drive and deleted them from your laptop in a desperate attempt to save space? You sell things on eBay! I raked in almost £20 for two Hadouken! 7"s, and am still trying to find a new home for the That Boy That Girl 10". Comment if you are interested! So, having £18 sitting in Paypal, I decided to buy something online. I looked in my "buy these" folder on my favourites menu and hunted down the cheapest price for a copy of The Mae Shi - Run To Your Grave, which happened to be £4 on eBay. A day well spent.

Monday, the day of work. If you class work as walking to the post office to post Hadouken! records. But never fear, whilst I may be parting with two 7"x7" packages, I will (hopefully) be recieving three from the generous postman! Two Bloc Party singles from eBay and Elle Milano's new single Laughing All The Way To The Plank. End.

Do you love angry music? Some people do. I dabble in it every now and then, and one of my favourite dabblee's are Untitled Musical Project. They are angry about everything. The weather, Paul McCartney, literally everything. Their anger cannot be described with words alone, you must allow yourself to be shouted at via an mp3!

MP3: Untitled Musical Project - Endless Deodorant And Bad Shoes [Myspace]

Secondly, Tellison. There is less anger and better music. That's not saying they arn't a bit angry though. I can't think of who it is they remind me of, but I'd put money on Tellison being better than them. My eye actually rolled upwards, deciding whether that actually made sense. I hope it did. Their album Contact! Contact! is fantastic so you should definitely check out album highlight Gallery. You don't even have to go far to get it, just move your eyes a few lines down the page!

MP3: Tellison - Gallery [Myspace]

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lock The Rock

Today, whilst adjusting my bedroom layout, I listened to my Xtra Mile Recordings/Big Scary Monsters compilation Lock The Rock.Considering it came free with my Rotary Ten/Colour split 7", it is fairly good! It contains Meet Me In St. Louis, Tubelord, Dartz!, This Town Needs Guns, Sam Isaac, Frank Turner and Secondsmile. Here are the highlights of the Cd:

MP3: Meet Me In St. Louis - Eins Zwei Drei Hasslehoff!
MP3: DARTZ! - Latin & Greek
MP3: This Town Needs Guns - If I Sit Still Maybe I'll Make It Out Of Here
MP3: Cats and Cats and Cats - Sweet Drunk Everyone
MP3: Chris T-T - In The Dressing Room

*Not allowed to give you these songs, sorry :(*

You can buy the Cd from here for £4 or get it free with anything else bought from that same link.

Finally, I have changed the look of the blog slighty. Firstly, I made a new logo using Adobe Illustrator. It looks like a 5 minute job, and that's because it was. But I kind of like it. Secondly, I have decreased the ammount of posts on the main page and made the font slightly bigger. I also redid the profile section. Comment this post if you love/hate/don't care about it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Sounds Marathon!

This post is the equivalent of the Hollyoaks omnibus. And it is distracting me from Business Studies revision. Instead of just one or two new bands, it has at least four (hopefully more!). Each band will have less "blog-time" (like airtime on tv!) though, because writing is hard, with all those words. Seeing as there is less writing for each band it seems a bit pointless giving each one a massive picture taking up the width of the post so I am going to make a logo for this car-boot sale of new music. I may even use it again. Yummy!

IMP [Myspace]
IMP are a 3 piece experimental band from Yorkshire. That's about all I know about them really; they seem to be playing hard-to-get. They sound like Kotki Dwa having a seizure after having watched a banned episode of Pokemon. Apparently they have over 200 songs too, which is impressive. Definately listen to this song, it may be short but that riff is so good.

MP3: IMP - Just Destroyer

I Say Marvin [Myspace]
From IMP to ISM! I Say Marvin are a 5 piece from Cornwall with great keyboard riffs and brilliant shout-out-loud choruses. They instantly grab your attention. Strangely, ISM are the only band I can think of that come from Cornwall. I imagine everyone there listens to surf-rock because they surf (or so I've heard), so I am linking surfing to surf-rock. (Sorry hardcore surf-rock fans). They are probably my current favourite band, although it seems to change every few days. I've talked on and on about Cornwall, despite the fact they are now based in Brighton, seemingly along with every other band under the sun.

MP3: I Say Marvin - Slow Motion Sheep Explosion

Data.Select.Party [Myspace]
DSP are possibly the biggest of all the bands in this post, which makes their music slightly more accessable; horray! They are a 4 piece London band who have good choruses and bleepy high-pitch guitars. They are releasing new single No Girls Allowed on 28th July, the follow-up to debut single This Charm Is Charmless. The tune below is from the Big Scary Monsters Compilation 50 Not Out, which I recieved free with my Tubelord single. DSP are on tour this summer, and are stopping off at Southampton Joiners along the way, which I may be tempted into going to!

MP3: Data.Select.Party - So Long Sweet Lime

Rotary Ten [Myspace]
I saw their name on an Elle Milano gig flyer, and decided to take a chance on them and it paid off. They are yet another catchy as hell 4 piece band with a continually changing tempo. This is one Sheffield band who are not jumping on the AM bandwagon (although that did kind of stop a few years ago). They have recently released possibly the hardest to find album ever. It is called These Are Our Hands and is released by London label Xtra Mile. When I say it is hard to find, I mean in a non-pay kind of way which may eventually lead to an official purchase. However, if you feel like buying the album based on the song below, feel free to click here to buy your copy from HMV.

MP3: Rotary Ten - Time Is Not A Line And I Am Not A Rock

Colour [Myspace]
Finally, Colour. They are a 4 piece indie pop band from from Kingston. It is fairly hard to find anything else out about them seeing as they have such a widely used word as their name. That, and there are an American band called The Colour. They are generally pleasurable to listen to. Their guitars make nice noises and their voices are nice. Apparently they have the guitar-noodling of Minus The Bear and the falsetto-led passion of Buckley.

MP3: Colour - Chutes

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jason and the Astronauts/Lost Penguin

The trouble with trying to find new bands on is that whenever you find something that is any good, you find out the band has broken up. Although strangely, once you know that they have broken up, they actually start to sound better. Don't ask my why, they just do. The fact that they had broken up not being very big makes it hard to find their music (for free), and I don't really fancy forking out a load of money for a band that I am only 40% interested in, 60% at most. I should come up with a system rating how much I like each band on here, presented in percentages.

So, the reason that I wrote about the negative features of band-hunting is that I have found a really quite interesting band on there (as if you hadn't already guessed). They are called Jason and the Astronauts. Their name "format" if you will, is similar to several bands around at the moment; name and the professions. Actually, that would be quite a good name for a piss take band, Name and the Professions. But this band released their album in 2004, so this probably makes them the first band to use this name format. Theres something interesting to put on your CV. I have uncovered Pete and the Pirates's evil plan.

Anyway, their label describes them as "cutting guitar post-punk electro-tinged noise (with shouting)", which seems fair I suppose. You should be grateful you are getting this mp3, it took a lot of effort in order to get it. I had to call in a favour from an internet friend because my laptop can only do so much. They have 3 other songs for free download from their Myspace here.

MP3: Jason and the Astronauts - Passé Disco (Un23 Version)

Another band I found on that have now broken up are Lost Penguin. I was drawn to their name because it sounded so crazeh. And to be honest, they sound fairly crazy too. I am too tired to write lots about them because they have broken up and just want to get another band crossed off my list of bands to write about (I actually have one). Again, you can download some more songs from their Myspace here.

MP3: Lost Penguin - I Believe I Can Fly

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Johnny Foreigner @ The Joiners Arms

I am currently 3/4 of the way through a 4 day weekend! I probably should have made the post of this time and done a few more posts, but I have been mostly sleeping. But this time, I have a reason to be tired; friday night was when The Fly Tour 2008 hit town! The town being Southampton, The Joiners Arms to be precise. Headlined by Johnny Foreigner, supported by Tubelord, Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man and Venice Ahoy. A brilliant line-up, you don't see many that good. I liked all the bands playing before I heard about the gig too.

Prior to the gig, Venice Ahoy could be seen selling tickets outside the gig for £5! At least I think it was them. They were very entertaining on stage, althogh when they came on I was still at the merch area. I got a signed Johnny Foreigner album and poster - my first proper signed thing that has been signed in-front of me. Genuinely nice people! Venice Ahoy also annonced the news that Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man were not playing, they got stuck in London or something. On the plus side, as Venice Ahoy noted, we all get to see Tubelord a bit earlier. And was it worth missing OELM? It bloody was. Not only are they nice guys (they signed my copy of their Square Ep!), but they also know how to put on a great show. They ended with their debut single Feed Me A Box Of Words, blow-keyboards and all.

Then it was time for headliners Johnny Foreigner to take to the stage. They opened with album track Hennings Favourite, impressing my friends who were fairly new to JF. They then powered through non-album tracks Sofacore and Suicide Pact, Yeah? and album highlight Eyes Wide Terrified. My favourite moment was hearing a live rendition of Salt, Peppa and Spinderella, the forth-coming single. The dry drum-beat with the gentle but nervous riff combined with a massive thrash-off combine together brilliantly. The set also included the b-side What Burlesque Won't Stand. Alexei explained the story behind the song, which included a plane crash, a jungle and a porn site. This was just one of the mid set band/audience conversations. Apparently they are in trouble with their label for talking/complaining too much on stage. Some-what disappointingly, they finished with Absolute Balance. I was so excited about hearing Sometimes In The Bullring live, but it never happened. There's always next time (hopefully!). However, just because they didn't finish with my favourite song doesn't mean I didn't enjoy seeing two members of Tubelord join JF for the finale. Everyone was anxiously waiting for the encore that never was. The End.

You can see some great pictures from the night here.

MP3: Johnny Foreigner - Salt, Peppa Spinderella [Myspace]
MP3: Tubelord - Obstacles [Myspace]
MP3: Venice Ahoy - Fireworks [Myspace]

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shoot the singer, shoot him quick

This week whilst not revising for GCSEs I listened to an album called HLLLYH, by The Mae Shi. They are a 5 piece from California! They are 5 guys (as far as I'm aware) and they are: Jeffrey Joseph Byron, Timothy David Martinez, Jonathan Pat Gray, Jacob Alonzo Cooper and William Esperanto Gray. They have lots of lovely bright pictures on their Myspace, which is where the nice logo is from above these words. They sound a bit like Kotki Dwa, but like a bigger sound kind-of-thing. And a bit more synthy. I should probably write more about the music, but I'm too lazy and impatient. From what I can tell, they are playing a few dates in the UK around the begining of August.

Edit: I should have written more about this song because it is FUCKING AMAZING. It's one of my favourite songs of the year so far. Download this song, love it, go buy the album, love that, go see them live, love them.

MP3: The Mae Shi - Run To Your Grave

The Muscle Club are a new band who are located in Cardiff. They have 4 members and only formed in January 2008. They have been compared to Los Campesinos!, I'm guessing because the singers sound the same (because they are both Welsh). I love their simple little riffs, reminiscent of The Cribs, but not full of self-pride and bullshit. Ooh bitchy! They have a 3 track demo, which you can download if you like the mp3 I have posted.

MP3:The Muscle Club - I've Never Read Anything
The Muscle Club - 3 Track Demo